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Habbo Cheats
Habbo Loader
Habbo Glitches
Habbo Cheats

All of these need my Loader in order to work.

My loader has a built in function (Thanks to elog56 for helping with the c++) that lets you script SOME things without needing to download anything.
Free credits
Log in to my loader,and underneth the purse you'll see a "Purse codes" button click it and open the "Give me credits" option. Once this is ticked , phone up YOUR OWN CREDITS NUMBER and when you get the code enter it into your purse. 15 credits is now changed to 150 credits and 30 credits is changed to 300 credits. Repeat for as many credits as you need.
Roller Warp
Make sure you have another person or a clone in the room, make a roller face the wall and stand on it, then move it and make the other person stand on it and you'll warp to them.
How to Hc dances if you are Non-Hc
Simply click change dance underneath the dance icon on my loader and click "Hc dances". Then select the dance you want. Easy.
Long Misson
Open the loader and change you misson to anything you want. The loader doesnt have a character limit. Easy.
Listen to other peoples Whispers
Open the loader and Click "Talk options". Select whispers and click hear all. Now you can hear all the whispers in the room you are in.
That is all the cheats for now. More to come soon. Be sure to check back.

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