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Habbo Glitches
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Habbo Glitches
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A number of glitches for you to try out,all have been tested and work on my loader.
Note: You will need Artmoney and habbo scripting tools for most of these. I suggest you use Google to find these. I would upload them myself but in my expierence ,people that upload files themselves usually have keyloggers in them.

Title: Real dice rig (no programme needed)
(Only works on my loader)
1. Go into your casino and put out 5 holodice/dicemasters.
2. Roll the dice until you get them to what you would want someone to get (ie: 6, 2, 6).
3. Get 6 more holodice and make them blank.
4. Put a z shelf down and place a holodice with a number u want on it.
5. Place a blank one on top of it.
6. Repeat for all 5 holodice.
7. Roll the dice and right before it shows a number lift pick it up.
8. It will look like a normal roll and it will show the holodice underneath (making them lose).
Wear Lido Clothes in guest rooms
(Only works on my loader)
Mess around going in and out of the changing rooms, pressing the change button quickly,Anything to get it to glitch so you appear outside of the changing room. You'll know it's glitched because you'll be rooted to the spot. Now,go to the client and change to the opposite of what you're wearing. By changing to what you are already wearing it'll appear as if you've filckered. Have fun!
How to join full rooms
(Only works on my loader)
Search: nav_fullbutton

and change it to: nav_gobutton =)
Title: Imperial Ph Boxes

1) Open up Artmoney and Target it to HabboHotel.
2) Enter a room which has Imperials Tele's In it.
3)search exact Value/All/All and type in the Box doorD
4) Click Ok and Wait untill al Proccess's are Done.
5) Click Ok and Click the green arrow so tthat all the Proccess's will go into the other column.
6) Right click and left click "Select All"
7) Right Click Again and Left Click "Set Value" and change the Value to hc_lmp
8) Click on the Hotel Navi-gator and click exit then come back in, all the Imp's Should Now Be Ph Boxes.
Title: Invisable Sticky
(Only works on my loader)
1) Ok, Open up ArtMoney Target it to HabboHotel.
2) Click Search, and search sticky
3) Once you have found all the proccess's click Ok and press the Green button to move them all over to the other column, then right click one and MAKE SURE you click "SELECT ALL".
4)Once Done right click again and click "Set Value" and set it as blue
5) Reload the room with the sticky's in and click on a sticky
This will teach you how to put posters in places you can not usually place them; such as in the black and on the floor.
First of all, open Art money and set your process as ‘Habbo ~ Habbo Hotel – Microsoft Internet Explorer’ Or if you’re on a program choose that as your process, I will be using Avaclient so I will select my process as ‘AcApplication’. Go to your room and search (without quotation marks) – ‘height: 132’
You will get a list of results, click the green arrow to move them all over to the right box. Right click one of the boxes on the right and click ‘Select All’ then right click again and click ‘Set Value’ (NOTE: Don’t Change ‘Step’!). Set the value as ‘height: 700’, Press ‘OK’ Then reload room. The left wall will appear messed up and it will go right down into the black. Now to do the same to the right wall delete all you results on the right hand side and then search ‘height: 133’ and then move all the results from the left box into the right box then select all and set value as ‘height: 700’ then reload room. Now the right wall will appear right down into the black, reload room and place down posters (You can now close Art Money) NOTE: The Walls Will Not Be Back To Normal Until You Reload.
HOW IT WORKS: Basically, when you change the height the walls on your client will stretch and they will act as a normal wall so you place down posters and stickies. Unfortunately, this does not work with floors anymore so you cannot put Furni into the walls. - Enjoy

Title: Change Badge
By: Erlisch

You will need artmoney.
1. Go to hotel view and open up artmoney.
2. Set habbo hotel as process
3. Search for that badge you allready have.
let's say HC2 (Golden HC) Then press the green arrow.
4. Right-click -> Select all.
5. Right-click -> Set Value.
6. Type in the badge code you want and press Ok.
7. Go to the habbo screen, go in to a room and you should have the badge you wanted! If it didn't worked the first time, try again! :)

HC1 = HC
HC2 = Golden HC
NWB = Silver Hobba
HBA = Gold Hobba
ADM = Habbo staff


Go on TFHA V4 (Google it) and login to my loader and go into a public or guest room, then open up Packet Centeral and send:

@c Fake Banned

HeHe Just For Fun

(Does not work on normal loaders.Only works on my loader.)


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